Why Green Funerals are Gaining Ground

It’s no secret that people are constantly seeking ways to be more environmentally friendly. From recycling and using reusable shopping bags to driving electric cars and finding sources of renewable energy, there are always more things we can do to leave a smaller footprint and a cleaner earth.  

You may be faithful about always bringing those bags to the store, but have you ever considered being buried in a detoxifying mushroom suit or a biodegradable pod that becomes a tree?  

These things are on the horizon as green services and funerals gain popularity.  

  • A green funeral can conserve natural resources. Green practices conserve energy and space, and green caskets are typically sustainably sourced.   
  • They’re better for the environment. One way in which green funeral practices help the environment is by preventing formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals from leaching into our groundwater. Eliminating the vault that has traditionally held the casket promotes natural decomposition, which is also better for the earth.  
  • Green practices create less of a health risk for employees in the funeral profession. The same chemicals that are dangerous for the earth are dangerous for people who work with them. In recent years, awareness has grown about the risk of nasal esophageal cancer among people who work with formaldehyde.  
  • Green funerals are often less expensive. In fact, a green funeral can often cost as a traditional funeral, or even less.  

At Chapel of the Chimes Oakland, we offer: 

  • Magnolia Green Funeral Package: Included in this package are the services of our funeral director and staff; transfer of the deceased to the funeral home; eco-friendly embalming, preparation and other care; the use of our facility for viewing,  visitation, a ceremony or graveside service; the use of a funeral coach, and the choice of two types of unfinished pine caskets.  
  • Birch Green Funeral Package: This package includes the services of our funeral director and staff; transfer of the deceased to the funeral home; refrigeration; the use of our facility for a ceremony, graveside service and private family identification involving no more than six people and lasting 20 minutes; the use of a funeral coach and the choice of two types of unfinished pine caskets. 

To request more information about our green funeral options, or to speak to someone about preplanning, call 510.379.5200. 

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