Sometimes when a person dies, it’s hard for family members to make it to the funeral. This can be stressful for those planning because they don’t want to leave anyone out. It’s also stressful for those who are far away, because they may feel pressured to try to make it to the service — and guilty if they can’t find a way to do so.  

Fortunately, there are many options for including friends and family members, even if they live on the other side of the world.  

  • You can opt for a cremation and have the service in the future when it’s more convenient. Cremation allows for more flexibility so that you can make plans as far in the future as you need them to be. 
  • Ask far–away family and friends to send mementos. Photos, written-down memories and other pieces of nostalgia will help people understand the person who has died a little better. It’s a wonderful way for those who can’t attend to be involved in a meaningful way.  
  • You can have the service recorded and put on DVDs to share with loved ones. A professional videographer can capture the service and any other events, such as a visitation or reception, and you can keep a DVD for yourself while presenting copies to others who weren’t able to attend.  
  • You can also share the memorial tribute DVD played at the service. This DVD is created from photos provided by the family. Set to music, it’s a beautiful and meaningful way to honor the life that was lived.  

At Chapel of the Chimes Oakland, we can help you find creative ways to plan a funeral that includes everyone who is mourning the person who has died. Call us at (510) 379-5200 to learn more.