A few generations ago, burial was the only option when a loved one died, and it was often predetermined where they would be buried: in the local churchyard, a family plot at the cemetery, or at home on their own property. Today, with the growing trend toward cremation, however, there are so many options it can be overwhelming.

But why does it matter where you’re laid to rest?

Your final resting place provides a touchpoint for grief, giving family members and loved ones a place they can feel connected to you, even after you’ve been gone for many years. It also offers an outlet for your family’s desire to honor and memorialize you, which can help them work through their grief.

There are several important qualities to look for when choosing your spot. It should be a beautiful, peaceful and inspiring place that’s easy to visit and convenient for friends and family. It should also be a place of reflection where the people who love you can go to remember you.

Chapel of the Chimes Oakland is just such a place. Peaceful and tranquil, it’s also stunningly beautiful with an array of cloisters, alcoves and chapels with vaulted ceilings and soothing natural light. Fountains, gardens and trees surround the labyrinth of niches, and the urn rooms dance with colorful light streaming through the stained glass windows. The original Chapel of the Chimes building is seamlessly linked through a series of passages and stairwells to the Frances Willard Columbarium, the Sanctuary and the Julia Morgan Chapel.

The first building in the world to be used as both a columbarium and mausoleum, Chapel of the Chimes is one of the largest above-ground columbaria in the United States. It also offers everything you need in one place, with an expansive funeral home and on-site crematory as well as cremation memorialization and above-ground entombment options.

Chapel of the Chimes Oakland is a unique property to choose for your final resting place. To learn more or to schedule a tour, call us at (510) 379-5200.  We also urge you to take advantage of our free preplanning guide so that you can get all your important documents and end-of-life arrangements in one place.

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