If there’s anyone who deserves honor and respect, it’s a veteran. In times of war, veterans put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms, facing danger and risking death. Even in times of peace, veterans and their families give their lives in service, enduring lengthy separations and stress in service of our nation. Chapel of the Chimes Oakland has deep respect for all veterans and provides honorable and dignified arrangements to honor their service.  

Whether the death of a service member occurs on the battlefield or years later, there are certain honors to which every veteran is entitled. It’s traditional, for instance, for the casket of a veteran to be draped with the American flag, as an honor that recognizes the veteran’s commitment to our great nation. After the service, this flag is folded with reverence and tradition and presented to the veteran’s family. Another honor is the involvement of an honor guard, playing a ceremonial role in the service. A three-volley salute and the playing of taps can also be meaningful parts of a veteran’s funeral service.  

In addition to providing veterans with meaningful services, we offer discounts on funeral arrangements through our American Hero plans. These plans are available not only to military service members, but also to law officers, firefighters, and the spouses of these groups of people. The plans cover three levels of discounts.  

  • American Hero Gold Plan for Pre-arranged Services: This plan features a 20% discount on burial spaces and other services.  
  • American Hero Silver Plan for At-Need Services: With this plan, a 10% discount is offered on burial spaces and other services.  
  • American Hero Platinum Service for Fallen Heroes: Our most comprehensive plan, this service provides a burial space and other services free of charge for those who have fallen in the line of duty.  

The other services mentioned include interment services, memorial, casket, and professional services such as embalming and body preparation, the services of our funeral director and staff, and cremation. The American Hero plans are just one of the many ways Chapel of the Chimes Oakland demonstrates our commitment to honoring veterans and first responders. We also offer an American Hero Flag Case, made of polished wood and finished glass, designed to display the flag, which is presented to the veteran’s family. This case not only protects a cherished memento but also allows family and friends to appreciate this special remembrance of service to our nation.  

At Chapel of the Chimes Oakland, we’ve been helping people plan meaningful end-of-life services for their loved ones for more than a century. Committed to helping families heal, we’ve built a solid reputation on sincerity, quality and trust. Call us at (510) 379-5200 or visit us online to learn more about how to preplan, and all that Chapel of the Chimes has to offer.