The median age of new parents in 1970 was 21. Today, it’s closer to 27, with many people delaying parenthood into their 30s and beyond. Of course, as the age of first-time parents increases, so does the age of grandparents. In the past, we might reasonably have expected our grandparents to be at our weddings. Today’s grandchildren are faced with a different reality, with grandparents who die while they themselves are still children. In fact, many grandparents pass away so early that the grandchildren don’t remember them, which is painful for the parents. How can you keep your parents’ memory alive in the hearts of children who were too little to know them?

  • Tell their stories. Talk about your parents to your children. Tell them funny stories from when Grandpa was a boy, or relay your childhood memories of baking with Grandma. Talk about their heritage, their life experiences, what they did for a living, their beliefs and values, their hobbies — anything to give your kids a real sense of who they were.
  • Use audio-visual aids. Family photos and home movies are a valuable tool in helping your children get to know your parents. Show them photos of themselves with their grandparents when they were little, and talk about how much those people loved them. Show them photos and movies from your childhood and before you were born. Watch your parents’ favorite movies together. Play their favorite music.
  • Spend time with other family members. Even if your parents are gone, stay connected to extended family. Aunts, uncles and cousins all have their own stories to tell about the loved ones who are lost, and their stories will enrich your children’s lives. Instilling in your little ones a strong sense of family can help them develop their own identities, as well as helping ground them in the family.
  • Choose a final resting place that will serve future generations well. The spot you choose for your parents is a place where future generations can come to honor them. Make sure it’s beautiful, peaceful and welcoming — a touchpoint for your family and a place of quiet contemplation.

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