As culture and traditions shift from one generation to the next, it’s only natural that funeral practices are also changing. The funerals we attend today are often different from those of generations past, both in subtle and obvious ways. 

  • Today, more family members tend to be involved. A funeral has always been a place for family members to gather and mourn, comforting each other as they share memories and stories. Now, technology offers more ways to bring people together. Live-streaming funerals allows people who are far away to be a part of the experience, and DVD copies of the service give families a tangible memorial they can share for years to come.  
  • Funerals are often more personalized. Today, a funeral can be as unique as the life it is meant to honor, with many services that reflect personality, passions, hobbies and interests. Songs, readings and other aspects of the funeral service can be personalized.  
  • Today’s services are more likely to be a celebration of the person’s life. Rather than a traditional gathering, many people choose to position the service as a celebration of the life of their loved one. Funeral homes now offer greater flexibility, and there are many beautiful ways to hold a life-honoring celebration that truly respects the life that was lived.  
  • More people are going green. As people become more concerned about taking care of the earth and reducing their carbon footprint, that eco-consciousness has carried over into funerals and end-of-life options. Many funeral homes provide green burial packages that are better for the environment and less expensive.  
  • Preplanning is much more popular. More people now see the wisdom of preplanning for end-of-life services. They’re choosing where and how they want to be laid to rest, how they want their funeral to proceed, and which music, readings and mementos they want incorporated. They recognize that preplanning is a good way to save money, too, by locking in today’s prices for a future need.  

If you’re considering preplanning for your own end-of-life services, you might be surprised to find it’s easier than you thought and that it gives you the freedom to make your own decisions about something that is intensely personal. Preplanning also relieves your family members of the responsibility of making decisions at a time of great stress.  

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