Many people don’t think about funeral homes until they’re faced with the need for one. It may seem like one is as good as the next — but in fact funeral home are not all alike, and it’s very important to choose the right one.

You may want to consider several factors:

  • Choose a convenient location. Think about the people who will be attending, and try to choose a location that is not too difficult to reach. You’ll also want to consider a convenient cemetery location.
  • Consider the services you need. The funeral service is just one part of the arrangements that must be made after a death. Make a list of everything you’ll need to consider, such as a visitation, service, burial or cremation and reception. Does the funeral home you’re considering have an onsite crematory? What about facilities for gathering after the service? If you can find everything you need in one location, it will allow you to do more of what’s really important: spending time with loved ones and remembering the life that was lived.
  • Reputation matters. Word of mouth is a good way to find a funeral home, but consider reading reviews and checking with the Better Business Bureau as well. You’ll also want to visit the funeral home personally to meet the staff and tour the facilities.
  • You should feel comfortable with the staff. They will be attending to your loved one and caring for your family and friends, so choose a funeral home where the staff is friendly, compassionate, respectful and kind.
  • The location should be aesthetically pleasing. The memories you carry with you from your time of loss are important, so choose a beautiful place to create those memories. If the cemetery is on the same property, walk the grounds and look for a final resting spot that is peaceful, serene and beautiful because this will be the focal point of memorialization for generations to come.

After a loss has occurred, you may feel pressure to choose a funeral home quickly. That’s why it’s better to preplan so you’ll have time to visit more than one. When you preplan you’ll not only be able to decide on the funeral home and memorialization options that are right for you, but you’ll save your family the stress of having to make these tough decisions during an already difficult time.

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