Cremation is growing in popularity and has in fact surpassed burial as a choice in the United States for the past few years. Some people are reluctant to decide on cremation, though, for a variety of reasons. One concern is that it may limit options. In fact, choosing cremation can greatly expand your options in several ways.  

You can still have a service with a cremation. People sometimes worry that if they choose cremation, it won’t be appropriate to have a traditional funeral service. The truth is, there’s no practical reason not to have a service.  

In fact, cremation opens up your options. You can have a funeral before or after the cremation, depending on your preference or religious beliefs. You can even decide to have a memorial service at a later date because there’s no urgency of burial if you have chosen cremation.  

You can have visitation before cremation. If the concern is that you want the closure of an open casket visitation, you can do this before cremation occurs.  

Cremation expands your options for memorialization.

  • You can choose a mausoleum or columbarium.  
  • Scattering some of the remains in a meaningful location and placing some in a permanent memorial meets the need of current and future generations who may wish to pay their respects. 
  • You can choose traditional burial with a cremation. This may be important to you, especially if you wish to be buried in a family plot. 
  • There are unique options for cremation memorialization such as cremation benches.  
  • Art or jewelry can be crafted to provide a meaningful keepsake for family members.  

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