The first funeral you ever attended may well have been a somber affair, with people dressed in black, sad music and long speeches in sober tones. Today, however, funerals often focus on celebrating the life lived.

Recently, a young veteran passed away unexpectedly. He was a fun-loving person known for his sunny personality, and his family didn’t feel that traditional funeral attire was appropriate for his service. Instead, they asked people to wear the most outlandish red, white and blue outfits they could find in order to celebrate his patriotic, fun spirit. There was plenty of laughter, but the service was still respectful, of course, and he received full military honors with an honor guard and a flag-draped casket. It’s what his family knew he would have enjoyed.

There’s plenty of flexibility in how you plan a funeral service. You can choose the music, display memorabilia that was meaningful to the person who has died, select an appropriate officiant, and even incorporate personal touches such as a video tribute or dove release. When people come together to honor the life that was lived in this spirit of celebration, they have a chance to tell stories, share memories, connect with each other and begin to heal.

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