Musical Reflections 2016

On December 18, 2016, Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland, CA held a special dedication musical event to honor the victims of the Oakland Ghost Ship fire which had occurred on December 2, 2016. Coordinated by Sarah Cahill, the event gathered artists and performers who had ties within the local artist and musicians’ communities. The performances and dedications created a healing space for all who attended, providing welcome comfort in the wake of the tragedy.

In addition to honoring the victims of the fire, Sarah also wanted the event to be a tribute to local artist and musician, Pauline Oliveros (1932 – 2016) who passed away days earlier. Pauline’s work left a large impression on much of the community, and many artists at the event showcased several her pieces.

Special thanks to Sarah Cahill for organizing the event, and the staff of Chapel of the Chimes in opening their doors for this day of healing.

A Tribute to Those Who We Lost:

Thank you to the performers for donating their services and talent.
The performers include:
  • Kitka
  • The Temple of Light Georgian Community Choir
  • Sharmi Basu
  • The William Wilnant Percussion Group
  • The Cardew Choir
  • Samuel Carl Adams
  • Ellen Fullman
  • Theresa Wong
  • Luciano Chessa
  • Dylan Mattingly
  • Pamela Z
  • Edward Shocker & Thingamajigs Performance Collective
  • Majel Connery
  • Katabatik
  • Soriah
  • Laura Inserra with Suellen Primost & Barbara Eramo
  • Gino Robair & Anne Pujamen
  • Diane Grubbe
  • Phil Gelb with Chris Brown & Tim Perkis
  • Sarah Cahill
  • Danny Clay
  • John Benson
  • Carletta Sue Kay
  • Guatam Tejas Ganeshan
  • Ramon Sender
  • Zina Bozzay
  • Maggi Payne
  • For Now
  • Members of Volti
  • Carta
  • East Bay Ray
  • Andy Meyerson
  • The Gyuto Monks
  • Sarah Lockhart
And many more!
Special Thanks to
J. Miller Flowers
Bras & Mattos Monument Company
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