Lucky 8-8 Promotion

In honor of Chinese culture’s luckiest number, we are proud to offer special pricing during the eighth month of the year!

Offers run from July 25, 2017 – August 31, 2017

Check out our Lucky 8-8 promotions:
30% off Selected* Indoor Glass Front Niches – Tier Levels 10, 11, 12, 13
Restricted to these sections – Glass Front Niches
-First Floor
Alcove of Contentment, Sanctuary of Commitment, Ct. of Harmony, Veterans Columbarium
-Second Floor
Ct. of Affection, Valiant Veterans
-Third Floor
Ct. of Ascension, Sanctuary of Dawn, Sanctuary of Compassion

30% off Selected* Indoor Granite Front Niches – Tier Levels 11, 12, 13
Restricted to these sections – Granite Front Niches
-Second Floor

30% off Selected* Indoor Glass Front Niches – Tier Levels 9, 10
Restricted only to the section of FAITH

30% off Selected* Outdoor Granite Front Niches – Tier levels 9 thru 18
Restricted to the sections of the Garden of Eternal Light, tier level 9 and 10 and Sunset Gardens (A-North, F-North, and F-South) tier level 9 thru 18

25% off Selected* Cremation Ground Burials
Restricted to Urn Garden of Eternal Light section A, B, C

室內玻璃面骨灰龕位– 30% 折扣優惠
室內/室外花崗石面骨灰龕位– 30% 折扣優惠
火化土葬福位 – 25%折扣優惠

Additional 5% discount on merchandise, services or property (not on sale) purchases.
(Applied to VIP, CPP and AHP discounts)
購買福地 (沒有特價)、葬儀服務或貨品,可獲額外 5% 折扣優惠 (適用於一般預購優惠)

50% off Opening & Closing on full cemetery packages
生前預購全套葬儀服務, 安葬費可獲50% 折扣優惠

25% off Pre Arranged Funeral
生前預購殯儀服務可獲25% 折扣優惠

More specials available, please call for details
不能盡錄, 還有其他多項預購優惠,請來電查詢。

These are final prices. No other discounts may be applied to these or any of the other Promotional Property Listings. All discounts apply to selected areas within the gardens (Not all spaces available – see Maps for exact lot and space numbers available with discounts). All discounts for pre-need purchase only. Some restrictions apply, please call for details.
以上特價優惠, 不可與其他優惠同時使用
所有優惠只適用於指定範圍內 (準確位置及地號, 請參照每個園區個別的圖示)
所有折扣優惠, 只適用於生前預購
有條件限制, 請查詢詳情

Download Lucky 8-8 Flyer

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