Kathryn Blackburn (Ann) Bessey

Kathryn Blackburn (Ann) Bessey passed away on February 24th, 2019 at the age of 94.

Born in Pueblo, Colorado in 1924, she graduated from Central High School.

Kathryn moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, California with her friend Fay Bessey where she worked at the phone company for 32 years.

Kathryn knew her husband Warner Bessey, Fay’s brother, in Pueblo but developed a relationship with him in the Bay Area where he had been stationed in the service. Kathryn and Warner loved to travel until his death in 1980. Barbara, Kathryn’s sister moved in with her after Barbara retired and they traveled together until Barbara’s death in 2001. After Kathryn’s retirement in 1979, she volunteered, in many capacities at Epiphany Lutheran Church in San Leandro, FESCO, and the Shoreline in Hayward.

In 2016 Kathryn left her home of 54 years in San Leandro and moved to Gold Country retirement Community in Placerville, California to be closer to her Niece.

Kathryn is survived by 10 nieces and nephews who adored her.

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