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We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland is one of California’s most beautiful historic buildings. We were founded in 1909 as a crematory and columbarium. And while our client families today come to us for many other end-of-life services, we are the Bay Area’s most desired cremation venue…. Choosing Cremation does not limit your options for celebrating the life of a departed loved one in a way that is meaningful to family and friends. You can choose a traditional funeral or memorial service – with or without viewing- before or after cremation. As with burial ceremonies, the event can be personalized to better reflect the life being celebrated. Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland is one of the top cremation service providers in Northern California and is one of the most desired crematory locations.

A columbarium is a building dedicated exclusively to the placing and honoring of cremated remains – generally in glass front or marble front niches located indoors and above-ground. Most of Chapel's patrons choose to locate cremated remains inside our historic columbarium, one of the most beautiful such buildings in the world. Chapel of the Chimes offers niches with space for one person, a couple or an entire family. We also offer outdoor placement in weather-safe, granite front niches.

Scattering is the distribution of cremated remains over land or water. Another common location for scattering remains is an outdoor garden area specially prepared for this purpose.

In 1959, architect Aaron Green was asked to create six additions to our columbariums, providing our client families with an option for the above-ground burial or entombment of casketed remains. These magnificent mausoleum elements have made us one of the most comprehensive end-of-life service venues in the region

Whether you prefer traditional burial, entombment or cremation, Chapel of the Chimes Oakland can help you create a ceremony that fits your needs. We can also help create ceremonies at other locations, such as a place of worship, a mountain meadow or a park. You might prefer a graveside ceremony – or a reception in your home. Our goal is to be completely flexible- to treat each family’s needs as uniquely personal. We can help you with a small private gathering or a larger ceremony, a full funeral or a memorial service. It can be led by a member of the clergy, a family member or whomever else you might designate. We specialize in funeral event planning, and will work with you to create a ceremony that fittingly celebrates a life uniquely lived.

Our Valued Staff

Marcie Russell

Marcie Russell, General Manager

Clarence Johnson

Clarence Johnson, Sales Manager

Bunny Ghilardi

Bunny Ghilardi, Office Manager

David Madden

David Madden, Chapel Location Manager

Tom Kelsey

Tom Kelsey, Superintendent

David Montgomery

David Montgomery, VP of Cemetery Development & Memorialization

Todaro Parker

Todaro Parker, Funeral Director & Embalmer

Tom Marsden

Tom Marsden, Funeral Arranger & Embalmer

Myra Herrera

Myra Herrera, Funeral Director

Joel Maginnis

Joel Maginnis, Funeral Director

Joycelyn  Van Hoof

Joycelyn Van Hoof, Family Service Supervisor

Sophia Aretta

Sophia Aretta, Family Service Counselor

Ron Nguyen

Ron Nguyen, Family Service Counselor

Buriel Denise Davis

Buriel Denise Davis, Family Service Counselor

Jose Almendarez

Jose Almendarez, Community Service Supervisor

Mark D. Kim

Mark D. Kim, Family Service Counselor

Victoria Gutierrez

Victoria Gutierrez, Family Service Counselor

Ton Saechao

Ton Saechao, Assistant Community Service Supervisor

WooJeong Kim

WooJeong Kim, Community Service Counselor

Linda Charles

Linda Charles, Community Service Counselor

Gloria Bailey-Ray

Gloria Bailey-Ray, Community Service Counselor

Pnelphia Blakely

Pnelphia Blakely, Community Service Counselor

William Uschold

William Uschold, Community Service Counselor

Donna Matthews

Donna Matthews, Community Service Counselor

Dominique Poston

Dominique Poston, Funeral Arranger

Vanessa Wilson

Vanessa Wilson, Staff Associate

Todd Walker

Todd Walker, Staff Associate

Isabella Blu Campise

Isabella Blu Campise, Staff Associate

Elliott Moody McIntosh Franks

Elliott Moody McIntosh Franks, Staff Associate

Madeline Francisco

Madeline Francisco, Staff Associate

Shannon Janssen

Shannon Janssen, Staff Associate

Sharon Lax

Sharon Lax, Staff Associate

Ronald  Maloney

Ronald Maloney, Staff Associate

Jessica Adaya

Jessica Adaya, Staff Associate

Meagan Crosson

Meagan Crosson, Staff Associate

Angel Valdivia

Angel Valdivia, Staff Associate

Justine Ong

Justine Ong, Staff Associate

Cynthia Aguirre

Cynthia Aguirre, Sales Assistant

Raymond Lutnes

Raymond Lutnes, Administrative Assistant

Shelby McClough

Shelby McClough, Receptionist

Sherri Brown

Sherri Brown, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Monica Kelsey

Monica Kelsey, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Manuel Alvarez

Manuel Alvarez, Engraver

Matthew Farvall

Matthew Farvall, Cemetery Caretaker

Nick Fraser

Nick Fraser, Cemetery Caretaker

Diane Holley

Diane Holley, Cemetery Caretaker

Manuel Meza

Manuel Meza, Cemetery Caretaker

Jarenta Ellis

Jarenta Ellis, Cemetery Caretaker

Dennis Carroll

Dennis Carroll, Cemetery Caretaker

Kevin Ness

Kevin Ness, Cemetery Caretaker

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